when aliens  see rambo

i have the best dog ever sorry i can’t post a pic of my dog my computer is at my dads house but who cares oh well bye everybody have a good day and don’t forget to help someone in need

Its my life

Today my bro had a friend over and they played lots of video games and i wanted to play a bit but he kept saying no so i started to get mad and then i calmed down and just watched them play. then my bro brought down the computer so he could charge his phone then i started to use the computer and after 15 mins my bro saw me on the computer and said i should shut it off because he didn’t know when i started to play so he thought i played for an hour and a half so he turned it off and told my dad that i played for a relly long time which got me in big trouble and i couldn’t even watch them play so i went to bed and slept