The Plague of Possessions in Literature

Writer vs the World

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Throughout the past few years, our attention has been drawn to Dystopian and Post-Apocalyptic stories. We have been enamored with vampires and obsessed with werewolves. We have been compelled by the struggles of our heroines stuck in stark Dystopian worlds that are bent on control and destroying the independent nature of humanity. And yet, a small trend began to emerge right beneath our noses. This trend straddles the realm of the Urban Fantasy genre and is completely outside of where this genre has been going recently. Instead of shocking us with the horrors of what could be, this trend grabs our attention with its clever tongue-in-cheek. It uses description and setting in a memorable way and forces us to look in the mirror and evaluate what it is we as a society value. The theme or trend I am referring to, I shall call the theme of “stuff.”

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